The only way to know for certain whether or not bed bugs are present is with a thorough bed bug inspection preferably conducted by a trained professional.

That is because such "tell-tale" signs as spotting, shells, or even bites could indicate the presence of other types of insects instead.

Our professional bed bug inspection includes the inspection of the mattress, seams and tags. The headboard, footboard, and box spring.  Bed frames, rails, and headboards are disassembled for inspection.

Furniture such as dressers, bureaus, and nightstands are also disassembled for thorough examination.

Other household furnishings and objects on our bed bug inspection checklist include, drapes, curtains,  carpeting, rugs, moldings, stuffed animals, computers, cell phones, smoke detectors, air ducts, books, clocks, radios, lamps and remote controls.

When it comes to detecting bed bugs, we will put to use all of the tools in our tool bag.  Although in most cases we rely on the experience of our certified technicians to discern where bed bugs may be lurking in your Philadelphia area home or office, we will not hesitate to bring in our K-9 Detection Dogs when necessary to utilize their unique abilities.

We utilize the two leading applications for bed bug eradication: the standard chemical/residual bed bug treatment, or the optional heat treatment method, depending on the type of infestation involved and the customer's needs.

Perhaps the most widely-used method for fighting bed bugs is through chemical application.

Our approach for using this method of treatment employs the use of three types of insecticides, which ensures both initial and long-term eradication.

Our optional state-of-the-art heat treatment system uses technology which not only assures the effectiveness of the treatment by its ability to maintain the required temperatures throughout the entire process, but also assures complete safety as well, by using indirect heat unlike propane heaters and other types heat treatments.

We employ the most complete bed bug control methods, along with the most effective and technologically advanced equipment available.

Therefore, due to our experience and the success rate of our approach to bed bug eradication,  Bed Bug Protection International, LLC is able to offer our greater Philadelphia residential and commercial clients the strongest assurance guarantee in the bed bug industry.
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